Albury Free Festival 2010

Steve Rodgers at The Albury Free Festival
Hot on the heels of yesterday's Albury Produce Show, a great line up of local musicians gave the several hundred strong Albury Free Festival audience a fantastic party this afternoon. The Albury Free Festival was launched last year as a way to extend the Produce show weekend activities to include live music. Although, as the name suggests, entrance is free, a great deal of money was raised today for local charities including Cherry Trees, a charity providing care for children with learning and physical disabilities. There were eleven acts on stage at the festival today which was opened by Sultana and closed at 8pm with Stumpy's Night Off. We arrived to the sounds of blues band Blind Alley and were then lucky enough to catch a highly engaging acoustic set from Steve Rodgers. Steve has played at Glastonbury and is hot off stage from Guildfest this year. Steve was followed by The Pub Allstars who rocked the audience with their 80's classics. The hot July sun shone through a largely cloudless sky at the Albury Cricket Ground today making this a wonderful summer Surrey Hills countryside event.

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