Peaslake Village Fayre 2010 – Sunshine, jam and cake

Following an August when it felt like it might never stop raining, the sun shone down warm and strong on the 2010 Peaslake Village Fete this afternoon. As a result the stalls and side shows were bustling with people at this very traditional Surrey Hills village fayre. Local home made cakes, jams, honey and home grown plants were in abundance and we filled our shopping bags. Of note were the excellent side stalls run by Peaslake Village school. The Welly Wang was particularly entertaining as was the magician who was mesmerising the children. Those brave enough could handle a grass snake at the reptile stand where adders, toads and sand lizards could be seen. Behind The Hurtwood Inn the car park was full of classic Bentleys, Aston Martins and MGs. The local Gomshall fire crew were also there with their engine - Thank you to Fire fighter Simon who looked after my daughter after she fell and took a nasty bump to the head. Despite the cartoon style bruise on her forehead she still announced that she had had a brilliant day. Hear hear!

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