Does Keeping Chickens Pay?

Laura's ChickensWe have been feeding Laura’s chickens up the lane this week and as a result have been enjoying several freshly laid eggs every day. But does keeping chickens pay? The answer to that question depends on what you want from your eggs and your chickens. If you want to keep chickens to save money its a pretty close run thing but you can just about do it if you buy your food, equipment and bedding cheaply. I think that this misses the point however. By keeping your own chickens you are ultimately in control of how your eggs taste.

Laura feeds her hens on porridge oats, sweetcorn, spagetti and left overs from the kitchen table. As you can imagine she has very healthy looking hens who lay very yellow yolky eggs with a slightly oaty taste. These eggs have been perfect breakfast companions to the black pudding we have been eating for breakfast over the Christmas week. One piece of buttered granary toast, lightly fry the black pudding so that it is still soft on the inside and then top the lot with a fried egg. The breakfast of champions.

If you want to know more about keeping chickens, an old school friend of mine has just set up a business selling chicken coups and supplies. So if you are thinking about taking the plunge then try –

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