Southdown Sheep in the Surrey Hills

Southdown Sheep in the Surrey HillsA flock of thirteen Southdown sheep has arrived at Woodhill, here in the Surrey Hills. The flock is a joint venture between Upper Woodhill Farm’s Andrew Cameron and Woodhill Manor’s Paul Smith.

The flock are currently on pasture at Woodhill Manor under the watchful eye of the Manor’s estate manager Sean Bird and Andrew.

Of the thirteen strong flock, three are lambs and the remainder are ewes in lamb, expecting at the end of April. Sean and Andrew are hoping that these ewes will produce as many twins as possible which would bring the flock up to a headcount of around thirty.

These Southdowns are pedigree sheep. The Southdown has been known in its native area of the Sussex downs since at least the mid 1700’s. Peaking in popularity at the time of the First World War, Southdowns are small sheep, the most thickset of all breeds and are valued for their fast maturing lambs. The wool is of medium length and fine grade, it varies in colour from gray to brown on the face and feet.

We hope to bring you all the lambing action as it happens so keep checking the site for updates.

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