First Calves of 2011 Born

First Calf of 2011Two calves were born into the Woodhill herd of pedigree Sussex cattle on Thursday. The first was a bull calf who’s mother was still out on ‘The Bumps’, the field behind Upper Woodhill Farm, taking Farmer Andrew Cameron a little by surprise. Andrew has now brought all the expecting heifers in the herd back from pasture up on The Bumps and at Woodhill Manor, to his maternity ward at the farm house.

The second calf was a heifer (pictured left). Andrew wants to name all the heifers that are born this year with names beginning with the letter ‘M’ and is asking visitors to the site to for their suggestions (click here to submit a name). He will then choose either the most popular name or will draw a winner out of a hat, so please send us your names.

We went to meet the new heifer calf this afternoon. She looked very healthy and after a long suckle from her mother Andrew let her out into the field to meet Gorgeous George, her father. George bounded over and for a moment we held our breath, but he’s a good lad and gave the calf a lick, made a fuss of it and they then both bounced across the field together.

Andrew is confident that George ‘did the business’ (thats a farming term) with all his heifers in the summer, if they all took then he will be expecting 17 – 18 calves this year. We’ll be keeping you up to date with all the news from the farm so keep checking the site for updates.

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