Warmest November since records began?

November SunsetTemperatures recorded on the Woodhill Cottage weather station reached 15c again today, well above November’s average peak of 9.5c. So far this month temperatures have matched those normally seen in May. The average central England temperature for the first half of November is 10.7c, almost 3c above normal and well ahead of the November record of 10.1c in 1994, the second being 9.5c in 1818. The met office are forecasting further mild weather into next week, so it looks like we are on course for a record breaking year.

Regular visitors to the site will know that here at Woodhill Cottage we are big fans of weather folklore, so I have turned to the legendary folklore forecaster Robin Page of BBC One Man and His Dog fame to see what he says on November weather.¬†Apparently a cold November signifies a mild winter – ‘Ice in November to bear a duck, the rest of the winter will be slush and muck.’ He doesn’t say whether the reverse is true, but if the high pressure currently located over central Europe pushes north west it could help change the winds from the south to the east and bring us some cold weather later in the month. This time last year we were experiencing record low temperatures which culminated in 30 centemeters of snow falling on the Surrey Hills on the 30th November, snow which didn’t thaw until after Christmas.

Snow 2010
Heavy Snowfall in November last year.


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