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Tim Bulley

2011 Surrey Toad Migration

Toad Migration Update

The number of recorded toads migrating from the heathland to the ponds at Woodhill has fallen in the last couple of years …


Heard a Cuckoo yet?

The sound of the Cuckoo is one of the sure signs that Spring has arrived. At this time of the year I …

Tree Nymph

Butterflies at RHS Wisley

From mid January until the 9th March, The Glasshouse at RSH Wisley is filled with some of  the most beautiful butterfly species …

Fircroft 2013

Fircroft Art Exhibition 2013

The Fircroft Art Exhibition, hosted by artist Frank Taylor and his wife Christine, celebrates its eighteenth year this June. Held at Fircroft, their …


Heard a Cuckoo yet? 2013

Have you heard a cuckoo yet? The cuckoo’s iconic call  is a sure sign that spring has arrived.  After the long stretch …